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                                      Isaiah is a American Fashion Designer who was born and raised in Washington, D.C.  /                                                    P.G. County, MD. His interest in fashion and creating one of a kind pieces grew & gained                                              momentum throughout the years. As a self - taught designer, Isaiah began to develop his                                                sewing and pattern making skills, while learning different grades and textures of fabrics.                                                 Grabbing inspiration from the fashion sportswear /streetwear culture of  Washington,                                                     D.C. Isaiah's goal was to create a unique brand of clothing with an identifying logo,                                                         that instilled a positive meaning.  In 2003,  DOYOU "The Epitome of Self Expression.
                                     was born.
                                       In the spring/summer of 2011, Isaiah created a collaboration logo for the CFDA
                                       " Council Of Fashion Designers Of America." for Ralph Lauren's Global Breast 
                                       Cancer Charity titled "Fashion Targets Breast Cancer." The logo collaboration was
                                        placed on file for potential use by the Director of Business Affairs of the CFDA. 
                                        Isaiah has aslo been featured by JAY -Z's ROC4LIFE /ROCNATION and
                                        Washingtonian Magazine.
                                       He has also worked with PVH (Phillips Van Huesen) NYC. Owners of Calvin Klein,
                                        Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole and Izod brands. In Feb. of 2012 Isaiah was selected                                                        1 of the 4 inaugural designers of the DC Fashion Incubator. A fashion program                                                                spearheaded by the Greater  Washington Fashion Chambers of Commerce and                                                                  supported by DC Mayor Vincent Gray, Capitol Hill, DC City Council and the DC                                                        Convention Center. Isaiah continues an on going mission to create and diversify the                                                         brand to new heights. Willing to overcome any obstacle, Isaiah will stop at nothing                                                          until the brand becomes an American household name, that is known across the                                                                world.








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